20 Beautiful Bridges of Rome: A Walk Along the Tiber (+ Photos)

Walking along the banks of the Tiber is one of my favourite things to do in Rome. Regardless of how many days you spend in The Eternal City, this should be as much a part of your Rome bucket list as visiting the Vatican or walking in the footsteps of gladiators in the Colosseum.

Not only is this an exceptional city walk, but these famous bridges of Rome perfectly encapsulate the city’s rich history. Stroll along the Tiber at night and you may never want to leave.

a few people wlaking across a beautiful old stone bridge in rome across river tiber

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Exploring Rome’s Bridges

the river bank in rome shaded by larke plane trees

This guide covers all of the bridges in Rome’s historic centre from Ponte Flaminio in the north to Ponte Palatino in the south. Thanks to the shade provided by the large plane trees that line much of the Tiber, this is a pleasant walk at street level.

But where possible, for a different perspective – and to escape from Rome’s traffic – dip down to the paths that run alongside the river itself. These paths may look a little unloved in places but are safe to walk along.

To help you explore Rome’s beautiful bridges, here’s a map to help you on your way. To access an interactive map, simply click here or on the image itself.

map of famous bridges of rome
Bridges of Rome. Map data @ Google 2022

1. Ponte Flaminio (Corso di Francia)

bridge over a river in rome

Completed in 1961, Ponte Flaminio is one of Rome’s most monumental bridges and connects the districts of Parioli and Tor Di Quinto. Mussolini had a hand in the bridge’s final appearance, which features white travertine columns crowned with eagles and lanterns.

2. Ponte Milvio

people walking towards arch on ponte milvio one of rome's famous bridges

Ponte Milvio is one of my favourite bridges in Rome. It is also a little off the well-beaten tourist track and all the better for it.

This is one of Rome’s most historic bridges. There has been a bridge at this strategically important spot in the Tiber since 206 BC. And it was here in 312 AD that the famous Battle of the Milvian Bridge took place, leading to Constantine’s imperial rule.

Thanks to a little-known 2007 movie Ho Voglia di Te, Ponte Milvio is also called the Lovers’ Bridge. In the film, two lovers fix a padlock on one of the bridge’s lampposts and chuck the key into the Tiber as a symbol of their eternal love.

padlocks on ponte milvio in rome italy
sculpture of female saint with cross and a cherub on ponte milvio in rome

This caught on and soon Ponte Milvio’s lamp posts were smothered in padlocks. Faced with the real threat of the bridge’s collapse under the weight of the locks, they were removed in 2012. However, the trend continues to this day.

3. Ponte Duca d’Aosta

bas relief of soldier on horse

From a distance, this bridge that links Lungotevere Flaminio to the Foro Italico looks nothing special. But take a closer look at Ponte Duca d’Aosta’s four pillars at street level.

These marble pillars are embellished with reliefs by the sculptor Vico Consorti that depict battle scenes from the First World War at the Sile, Piave, Tagliamento and Isonzo rivers

Ponte Duca d’Aosta was designed by the architect Vincenzo Fasolo and was completed in 1942

4. Ponte della Musica

walkway of modern steel bridge

Ponte della Musica is unlike any other bridge in Rome.

Connecting the Flaminio district with the Foro Italico swimming stadium this strikingly modern bridge was the winning project of an International Design Competition. Erected in 2011, it also serves as a public space that can be used for festivals, exhibitions and fairs (it’s popular with skateboarders).

5. Ponte Regina Margherita

traffic going across a graceful arched bridge across river in rome

Designed by Angelo Vescovali and completed in 1891, Ponte Regina Margherita was dedicated to Margherita of Savoy, the first queen of Italy. It connects the Prati district with Piazza del Popolo.

At 110 metres long, this was the first masonry bridge built over the Tiber in many centuries and features three arches tiled with travertine.

6. Ponte del Risorgimento

single span of bridge crossing the river tiber in rome

Completed in 1911 and designed by Giovanni Antonio Porcheddu, Ponte del Risorgimento connects Lungotevere delle Armi to Piazzale delle Belle Arti. It was the first bridge in Rome to be built with reinforced concrete.

7. Ponte Matteotti

brick and cement arched bridge in rome with reflection in river tiber

Dedicated to the socialist politician Giacomo Matteotti who was murdered nearby as a result of his opposition to the Fascist regime, this brickwork bridge connects the Flaminio and Milizie Quarters. A plaque over its central arc shows an eagle with its wings outspread, flanked by fasces.

Designed by Augusto Antonelli, Ponte Matteotti was inaugurated on April 21st 1929, the anniversary of the foundation of Rome.

8. Ponte Pietro Nenni

modern low concrete bridge with traffic across a river with reflections in water

Built between 1969 and 1972, this bridge was named after the socialist leader Pietro Nenni and designed by the architects Luigi Moretti and Silvano Zorzi. It links Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia in the Prati district to Lungotevere Michelangelo in Flaminio.

Ponte Pietro Nenni is the only bridge in Rome used by the metro system and the only central part of the city where Line A is above ground. Because of this, it is commonly known as the “Metro Bridge.”

9. Ponte Cavour

traffic bridge in rome

Opened in 1901, the imposing Ponte Cavour replaced Passerella di Ripetta which was erected a few decades earlier. It connects Lungotevere dei Mellini to Piazza del Porto di Ripetta and is named after Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, one of the pioneers of the Unification of Italy.

On New Year’s Day each year, swimmers dive into the Tiber from the bridge’s parapet.

10. Ponte Umberto I

low bridge across river leading to an ornate baoque building

Graceful Ponte Umberto I was built between 1885 and 1895 and links Piazza di Ponte Umberto I to Piazza dei Tribunali. It is dedicated to Umberto I, King of Italy.

11. Ponte Sant’Angelo

low stone bridge leading to the circular castel sant-angelo in rome italy

Home to some of Rome’s most famous sculptures, Ponte Sant’Angelo is one the most magnificent bridges in Rome and one of its oldest.

This landmark stone bridge was built in 134 AD by Emperor Hadrian to connect the centre of Ancient Rome with his newly built mausoleum, now Castel Sant’Angelo, with Rome’s historic centre. For many years Ponte Sant’Angelo was used by Christian pilgrims on their way to St. Peter’s Basilica.

But the bridge’s statues, added in 1688, steal the show. Once dubbed Bernini’s Breezy Maniacs, they are a Baroque parade that represents Christ’s Passion.

monumental statue of an angel

12. Ponte Vittorio Emmanuele II

beautiful low arched bridge across river adorned with sculptures on its pillars

Built between 1886 and 1911 by the architect Ennio De Rossi, Ponte Vittorio Emmanuele II connects Corso Vittorio Emanuele II in the historic centre to the Vatican.

It is spread over three masonry arches and is sumptuously decorated. There are eight sculptures in total, four marble groups and four Victories.

13. Ponte Principe Amedeo Savoia Aosta

modern concrete bridge across a river

Also known as Ponte Principe or Ponte PASA, Ponte Principe Amedeo Savoia Aosta links Rome’s Ponte and Borgo districts. Dedicated to Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta, Viceroy of Ethiopia, the bridge was completed in 1942.

14. Ponte Guiseppe Mazzini

white car on graceful bridge in rome

Constructed between 1904 and 1908, this bridge is dedicated to Giuseppe Mazzini, another pioneer of Italian unification. Ponte Guiseppe Mazzini links Lungotevere dei Sangallo to Lungotevere della Farnesina.

15. Ponte Sisto

people walking across a beautiful old stone bridge in rome across river tiber

Gorgeous Ponte Sisto, Rome’s Renaissance bridge, began life as early as the 4th Century as the Roman Pons Aurelius. Following its partial destruction in 772, the bridge that we see today was commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV in the 15th century. It still bears his name.  

This pedestrian bridge connects the Campo de’ Fiori area of the city to Via Giulia in hip Trastevere.

a couple walking hand in hand across a bridge

16. Ponte Garibaldi

path alongside river tiber in romw with low bridge in background

If history had taken a different turn, Ponte Garibaldi would have been named Ponte alla Regola. But following the death of the great Italian patriot, Giuseppe Garibaldi, in 1882, the bridge was named in his memory.

It was built between 1884 and 1888 to provide another much-needed way to reach Trastevere.

17. Ponte Cestio

people relaxing on an island in the middle of the tiber in rome with arched stone bridge in background

This is the first of two bridges that connect Isola Tiberina (Tiber Island) to the banks of the Tiber River.

Occupying the site of a 1st Century BC bridge, Ponte Cestio links Isola Tiberina to the river’s left bank in Trastevere. Over the centuries, the bridge underwent numerous restorations and renovations until it was rebuilt in 1892.

18. Ponte Fabricio

man looking out over an ancient stone bridge

Erected in 62 BC, Ponte Fabricio is Rome’s oldest intact bridge and connects Tiber Island with the right bank of the river. For my money, it is the prettiest bridge in Rome, even trumping the show-stopping Ponte Sant’Angelo.

Thanks to its sculpture of Janus, the two-faced Roman god, it is also known as the Bridge of Four Heads (Ponte dei Quattro Capi). The two Janus pillars were moved from the nearby Church of St Gregory to the bridge in the 14th Century.

beautiful ancient stone bridge of rome with ochre coloured buildings on river bank
pillar with ancient carving of three faces of the god janus

19. Ponte Rotto

crumbling ruin of old bridge bext to newer bridge across river tober

Just south of Isola Tiberina is all that remains of the Pons Aemilius.

Originally built in the 2nd Century BC, this Ancient Roman bridge collapsed twice and was last restored in 1575 by Gregory XIII, only to collapse again 20 years later. Today, it is known as Ponte Rotto or the “Broken Bridge.”

20. Ponte Palatino

large bridge across green water of river tiber framed by trees

Built between 1886 and 1890 as a replacement for Pons Aemilius, Ponte Palatino takes its name from the Palatine Hill, at whose slopes the bridge rises. It is also known as Ponte Inglese (English Bridge) due to its left-hand traffic flow.