Umbria.GO: Your Golden Travel Pass for Umbria

With its verdant rolling landscape crowned with medieval hilltop towns, Umbria is one of my favourite regions of Italy. And if, like me, you are not keen on hiring a car, it’s easy to explore this art-filled wonderland by public transport.

To make life easy for you, the Umbria.GO ticket offers unlimited travel across the region and I saved money using it on my last visit. Get the lowdown on my review of this Umbria travel pass.

person holding up an umbria go travel card
Your Golden Ticket to Travel in Umbria

What is the Umbria.GO Pass?

Umbria.GO is a ticket offering free public transport across the Umbria region. It comes in four sizes:

  • 1-day ticket €15
  • 2-day ticket €26
  • 3-day ticket €33
  • 7-day ticket €45

Travel must be on consecutive days. Check current prices here (information in Italian).

Umbria.GO30 is also available for €120. You can use this to travel within the calendar month starting from the validation date (for example: if validated on May 5, it can be used up to and including May 30).

What is Included?

This pass is good for unlimited free travel throughout Umbria, extending to Orte, Chiusi and Terontola train stations.

It is valid on the following services:

  • Regional trains
  • Urban buses
  • Extra-urban buses
  • Perugia Minimetrò
  • Boats on Lake Trasimeno
small driverless train cabs on elevated line in perugia italy
Perugia’s Minimetrò is one of the transport options included in the Umbria.GO ticket

Where to Buy It?

You can buy the Umbria.GO travel card at Busitalia and Trenitalia ticket offices in the Umbria Region (I purchased mine from the Busitalia office at Perugia train station). Although it’s also available from authorised sellers in Umbria, I struggled to identify these.

How to Use the Umbria.GO Ticket

The first thing to do is to write your name on the back of the ticket. You will need to validate your Umbria.GO pass before you use it for the first time. This can be done at these places:

  • Trenitalia validators
  • UP (Unico Perugia) validators
  • Perugia Minimetrò turnstile
  • Orvieto funicular turnstiles
  • Busitalia validator at Passignano pier;
  • Busitalia buses and trains equipped with a validator
green machine for validating train tickets in italy
Trenitalia ticket validator

That’s all you have to do. For the duration of the ticket’s validity, simply carry it with you when using the region’s trains, buses and boats. If you are using the Perugia Minimetrò or Orvieto funicular, insert it in the turnstile.

As the conductor may also ask for proof of ID, you should carry an identification document with you.

Is Umbria.GO Worth It?

In my view, you will struggle not to save money with Umbria.GO. But to check that it will be a good buy for you, do a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation.

Scribble down how you plan to use the pass and compare its cost with that of individual point-to-point tickets. You can use the Trenitalia website to check train fares and Busitalia for boat and bus fares.

Without even trying, the Umbria.GO pass saved me money and it’s hard to place a value on the convenience of not having to buy individual tickets.

How I saved money with the Umbria travel pass

I spent a week in Umbria, staying in Perugia and visiting Assisi, Lake Trasimeno and Spello as day trips by train. I bought an Umbria.GO3 pass and this information reflects prices from this visit in 2024.


Minimetrò return journey to Perugia Station €3

Return train fare from Perugia to Assisi €7.20

Return bus fare from Assisi train station to the town centre €2.60

TOTAL = €12.80


Minimetrò return journey to Perugia Station €3

Return train fare from Perugia to Passignano sul Trasimeno €9.30

Return boat journey from Passignano sul Trasimeno to Isola Maggiore €9.30

TOTAL = €21.60

small passenger boat moored at dock in lake trasimeno italy
Boat to Isola Maggiore


Minimetrò return journey to Perugia Station €3

Return train fare from Perugia to Spello €9.30

TOTAL = €12.30



I SAVED €13.70

That’s enough for an Aperol Spritz or two.

If I were travelling further afield, the savings would have been deeper.

Where to Next?

I hope that my review helps you decide if an Umbria.GO ticket is the right choice for you. If you are looking for information to help you plan your visit to this captivating Italian region, take a look at a few of my other guides before you leave:

Happy travels!