Is Padua’s Urbs Picta Card Worth It? A Review

With its luminous Giotto frescoes, show-stopping basilica, picturesque streets and historic university, the Veneto city of Padua is a worthy addition to your Italy bucket list. And like many Italian cities, it has a tourist pass: the Urbs Picta Card

But is the Urbs Picta Card worth it?

In my view, the Urbs Picta card is unlikely to save you much money but may be convenient. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

brightly painted frescoes in the scrovegni chapel which is one of the buildings included in the padua urbs picta card
The Scrovegni Chapel is included in the Urbs Picta Card

What is the Urbs Picta Card?

The Urbs Picta Card gives you one free entry to each of the eight Padua sites collectively added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2021. These religious and secular buildings house fresco cycles created in the 14th Century by different artists for different types of patrons.

You also get unlimited rides on Padua’s public transport system.

It comes in two flavours: 48 hours and 72 hours. There is a third 6-month Biglietto Unico / Urbs Picta Card available for residents of the Province of Padua.

The clock starts ticking once you enter the first site.

The Urbs Picta Card has replaced the Padovacard. They are not the same beast. The Padovacard had more inclusions and offered discounts on a range of attractions.

Which Attractions Are Free with the Padua Card?

1. Scrovegni Chapel

fresco by giotto of judas kissing jesus surrounded by soldiers
The Judas Kiss

A 14th-century masterpiece renowned for its cycle of frescoes by Giotto, depicting religious scenes with unparalleled artistic excellence and emotional depth. Unmissable.

2. Baptistery of the Cathedral

frescoed dome in padua cathedral baptistery with christ in judgement at the centre

This exquisite example of Romanesque and Gothic architecture has an octagonal interior beautifully adorned with frescoes.

3. Palazzo della Ragione

people walking across piazza lined by the porticoed palazzo della ragione

A medieval municipal building, famous for its hall with an immense wooden horse and the cycle of astrological frescoes on its ceiling.

4. San Michele Oratory

A small Renaissance church, celebrated for its frescoes by renowned artists like Giusto de’ Menabuoi, showcasing intricate scenes from the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

5. Church of SS. Filippo and Giacomo at the Eremitani

A Gothic masterpiece, noted for its 14th-century frescoes by Andrea Mantegna.

6. Oratory of San Giorgio

A fabulous example of Renaissance architecture, renowned for its frescoes by Andrea Mantegna, which depict the life of St. George.

7. Basilica of Saint Anthony

marble bas relief sculpture of woman cradling a body supported by an older woman

A revered pilgrimage site and a repository of art and relics, dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua

8. Chapel of the Carrarese Palace

Celebrated for its remarkable frescoes by Guariento di Arpo, depicting scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary and the life of Christ.

How Much Does the Urbs Picta Card Cost?

In 2024, the Urbs Picta Card costs €28 (48-hours) and €35 (72-hours).

Is the Urbs Picta Card Worth It?

You won’t save a lot of money using the Urbs Picta Card. Half of the included attractions are free and the combined ticket cost of the remaining four attractions is €35, the same price as the 72-hour pass

You will save a few Euros if you visit the three highest-priced attractions using the 48-hour pass. These are the Scrovegni Chapel (€16), Cathedral Baptistery (€8) and Palazzo della Ragione (€8).

This is perfectly feasible, even if you are only visiting Padua as a day trip.

The Urbs Picta Card is not worth it if you have already visited the Scrovegni Chapel.

As Padua is a very walkable city, the bonus of free public transport is one that you are unlikely to need.

Buying your Urbs Picta Card

You can buy your Urbs Picta Card online here. You will also make your compulsory reservation for the Scrovegni Chapel at the same time as buying your city pass.

The payment receipt is not your city pass. You will need to collect this at the ticket office of the Eremitani Museum.

Do You Need to Book Ahead with the Urbs Picta Card?

With the exception of the Scrovegni Chapel, you do not need to book ahead.

And That’s a Wrap

I hope that this review helps you decide if an Urbs Picta card is right for you If you would like to learn more about what to see if you are staying in the Veneto, take a look at these articles: